Entry #1

Wow... I have Newgrounds now.

2016-11-01 17:12:30 by GrahamDrawsButts

I used to come here when i was a wee lil boy to watch the dankest flash cartoons to feel edgy...
Only took me like 12 years to finally make an account!
... So hello Newgrounds, My name is Graham!

If all goes to plan, I'll be uploading some of my artwork frequently on here just to get feedback on drawings and such before I launch my first comic :) 

Follow me, to harass me and my artwork till I lose my soul and will to live :)


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2016-11-01 18:00:41

Welcome to NG!

GrahamDrawsButts responds:

Eyyy Thanks Tom!
Just wanted to remind you, YOU'RE A LEGEND! :D


2016-11-02 12:03:41

Hello Graham! Name's Bob! Pleased to make your acquaintance, and welcome to the site!

Looking forward to what great creativity you may be putting out! So far... seems like alarmingly few butts.

GrahamDrawsButts responds:

ha ha ha ha thanks for the warm welcome!


2016-11-04 03:51:34

Welcome homie. Hope you like NG *finger guns*

GrahamDrawsButts responds:

*finger guns back* eyyyy thank you!
never would have thought this place was so warm and welcoming!
really does mean alot to me! :)


2016-11-08 15:17:50

I know I'm a little late to the welcome party, but welcome to NG!

I really like your drawing style, Graham! I even recommended one of your art pieces for front page, but it doesn't seem like it will be front paged, though. I really think your School of Avatars drawing is awesome, whether it gets front paged or not. :)

You're a great new addition to Newgrounds! Your art is very good! Keep up the good work, bud! :)

GrahamDrawsButts responds:

Hey thanks DeftonesFan!
Appreciate the warm welcome! and totally appreciate the attempt at front paging my art... didnt even know that was something we could do on here!

All the best,


2016-11-10 16:12:17

No problem! :)

By the way, this is what I was talking about:


If you think anything deserves frontpage, just post it here and explain why you think it should make frontpage and Tom just might make it so!